Monday, November 30, 2015

AY Comedian Marks 7th Marriage Anniversary With Old Wedding Pictures

Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun is celebrating seven years of Marriage to his beautiful wife, Mabel. In spirit of  celebration, he shared these lovely but throwback photos from his big day in 2008 with Caption:

“You came into my life with a positive attitude, Together we have made friends and family,Together we have shown love. Together we have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly,Thanks for being there All this while. Thanks for being the solid reason
Behind my smile,Thanks for always helping to take away Every pain and sorrow .Thanks for making me Look forward to tomorrow
Thanks for always pushing Me towards success Thanks for giving me Unlimited happiness Thanks for accompanying me”

In the journey of my life Thanks for being Such an amazing wife, Happy anniversary
See photos below:
AY Comedian Celebrates 7th Wedding Anniversary (Photos) 6 AY Comedian Celebrates 7th Wedding Anniversary (Photos) 5 AY Comedian Celebrates 7th Wedding Anniversary (Photos) 4 AY Comedian Celebrates 7th Wedding Anniversary (Photos) 3 AY Comedian Celebrates 7th Wedding Anniversary (Photos) 2 AY Comedian Celebrates 7th Wedding Anniversary (Photos)  1

Just In: INEC Confirms Audu’s Replacement For Kogi Supplementary Election

After Days of in-fighting and raising of dusts between the running mate of the late Abubakr Audu, James Faleke and Yahaya Bello, on who will replace Audu, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has confirmed request made by the All Progressives Congress for the nomination of Bello for the supplementary election in Kogi state.
Bello will be flying the APC flag in the December 5 rerun election after the party has settled for him as the suitable replacement for its late candidate, The Nation reports.
This confirmation was made by the INEC deputy director in charge of publicity, Nick Dazang.

Dazang said: “They have sent the name of their replacement candidate, the second runner-up in their primaries that is Yahaya Bello, to the commission.”
The INEC spokesman did not state when the request was made for the substitution of the name of Bello as it standard flag bearer.
He stated that the electoral body is poised to conduct the Kogi supplementary and Bayelsa gubernatorial elections on Saturday, December 5.

The commission is committed to conduct the two elections, that is why in respect of kogi, despite what happened, we came out with public notice inviting the APC to submit its replacement candidate for the election,” Dazang explained.

Why Olamide’s YBNL Is Yet To Sign A Female Artist

Talented indigenous rapper Olamide is also the boss at Yahoo Boys No Laptop (YBNL) record label.
The recently bereaved singer and Shakitibobo crooner has revealed why his record label is yet and will not sign up any female artist.

Baddo, as Olamide is fondly called by fans revealed this in an interview with HIP TV recently. Olamide said is not willing to sign on any female artistes on his label because of their life span in the Nigerian music industry.

Olamide said the life span of women is short in the industry and that once a lady artist has given birth to a child and lose her sexiness, then her market value depreciates. For Olamide to sign on a female act he said the lady must be three times hungrier than he is.
Olamide said he is not looking for a diva but money.

Annie Idibia Under Fire As Fans Blast Her For Doing This (PHOTO)

The beautiful wife of African pop star, 2face Idibia, Annie Idibia has been attacked by her Instagram followers for posting a picture of her nails.
The Nollywood actress yesterday, November 29 shared a picture of her new nails on Instagram and captioned it ” My Beautiful nails by @honeybeesignature. Sculpted luxury nails, No tips was used, not polish. So light, so comfy, the pictures don’t even do the nails justice !!! Am totally in love with these nails,plus am not usually a lover of nails designing ,but I really love this!! please follow @honeybee signature and see the beautiful work she’s does. PLS visit her Store at no 12, osho street, Opebi link road, ikeja, phone number in her bio!!! #bestNailTechInLagos .. Have a great week Fam…”

The picture features her diamond rings, nice nails and also dark knuckles which her fans were quick to note.
Some of her fans accused her of bleaching in the comment section and some went as far as advising her to contact Dencia. See some of the comments below;

SAD! See How Pastor Died On His Way To Church Yesterday

It was a gory scene yesterday, Sunday, November 29, when a truck crushed a pastor, Ojo Mattew, and a commercial okada rider to death on Oyero Road, Ijoko, in the Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun state.
The Punch reports that the pastor was on a motorcycle in which the rider, Ayo Nugbohoyon, was heading for church before the truck carrying cement and asbestos pushed them to the way of an oncoming Toyota Camry car, carrying five members of a family, who were also going to church.

The driver of the car, identified as Samuel, and his family members – wife and three children – reportedly were injured and were rushed to a nearby hospital. The car fell into the drainage channel by the roadside. The truck with plate number Lagos EPE712XH, was on its way from Ogba Ayo to Oyero before its tyres slipped off, running into the motorcycle.

The corpses of the dead pastor and okada man were taken to Ifo General Hospital Mortuary, as policemen from the Agbado division and some residents of the community were seen making efforts to clear the road. Officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps later joined them in the operation.

An okada rider and friend of Nugbohoyon, Israel Oyewo, said he (the deceased) had wanted to travel to Benin Republic to meet his wife who gave birth on Friday. He said: “It is very painful. His wife had a baby two days ago and he had planned to travel later today (Sunday) before the incident happened. The passenger he carried, a pastor, also died. He was taking the pastor to a church.”

Just recently, a Rwandan pastor made the record of conducting the largest conversion of Christians to Muslims on Tuesday, August 25. The pastor, Salim Mikdad, converted all 480 members of his congregation to change their faiths.

Confession Of A Runs Girl: How I Escaped Being Used For Ritual During Se x

In Lagos, Nigeria the term ‘runs girl’ is the synonym for girls who trade s€ x for money. Runs girls are often exposed to risks such as rape, beatings and even death and disappearances from their strange bed fellow client. One of our contributors narrates a story that reveals the risky world of Lagos runs girls. It is gripping. 
Runs girls at work
I was alone at home that afternoon when Michelle ran into our room in the campus with a big smile on her face. I almost thought she had won a lottery. Out of the excitement and despite the hunger, I asked,

‘Babe you win lottery and you don jam mugu?
She was still thanking God for deciding to turn her life around after all these years of suffering and penniless lifestyle? I was amazed as I stared at her in shock. I have never seen Michelle in that excited mood since we became roommates. She called me by the name we usually addressed ourselves with.

My rommie, guess what happen on my way back from school. I replied that I am poor guesser . Let me break the bombshell to you babe. I am now a very rich girl. She announced. I burst out with a loud laugh and dismissed her excitement with a wave of the hand.

She insisted that she was not dreaming. I told her to go straight to the point before I lose my patience. She begin to narrate how she met this very rich Chief  who gave her a ride back home where she stood under the scorching sun.

According to her, the Chief happens to be a multimillionaire with businesses all over the country and abroad. She she said the chief had invited her to have dinner with her at a hotel somewhere in town. She said the chief said she could bring her friend along with her. I was becoming excited too at the thought of making some cool cash from the mugu chief.

She pleaded with me to accompany her to see the chief, After much persuasion, I gave in to her request and accompanied her that night. As at 7:45pm, the Chief’s driver was already waiting outside the campus with the latest Range Rover Sports. We got to coded hotel. The chief  was already waiting for us. He had also placed a reservation for us.

We had a very nice time with the chief. The man had plenty of cash to throw around. The man was simply swimming in money. He was also so friendly and very generous. While going home that night, he gave us a brand new notes totaling N200, 000 naira each. Imagine making 200k one night. It was a jackpot. Soon I  was becoming jealous of my friend.

I was asking myself why I wasn’t th one in her position. A week later, Chief bought a Mercedes jeep for Michelle and actually gave her the keys to a flat in Lekki Peninsula. Being her closest friend and roomie, she begged me to move in with her which I quickly agreed without much conviction.

We started living large. Chief was just so kind and generous to us. We had everything at our beck and call. Just like a whirlwind, we became the happening babes on campus and within the Lekki axis.
I got so carried away that I was enjoying the money without knowing where it was coming from.

Chief even took my friend to Paris for shopping. Deep down I was so sad and filled with jealousy for her. She noticed I didn’t take the news kindly to the news. But she promised to buy me stuff from Paris.

A few days later, she left with Chief. That was the last time I set my eyes on Michelle. Her journey was supposed to last for two weeks but a month later, I did not hear from her. I became scared because I was left alone in the house. She never communicated with me right from the first day she left the house.

I came home from school one evening and met Chief at home, out of excitement I rushed into Michelle’s room thinking that she has finally returned but to my utmost astonishment, Michelle was nowhere to be found.

I rushed out immediately to ask Chief, he explained that she will come back later that her trip was a bit extended and immediately changed his countenance towards me by telling me that he actually made a mistake by going out with my friend earlier on.

He promised me heaven and earth if only I could date him secretly without Michelle’s knowledge. I told him that I wouldn’t be able to stab my friend behind her back, that she has been very good to me. He asked the driver to bring his briefcase, he brought out N500, 000, kept it on the table and asked me to think about his request and left.

I was tempted to give in to what Chief had said but I kept worrying about Michelle. One night I became curious and decide to check one of the rooms in the flat that was always kept open. There was a wardrobe inside the room.

Still out of curiosity, I forced the wardrobe open and I shouted. There was my friend sitting on a stool. Her eyes fixed in a daze with a pot on her head.

Her body seem glued to the stool. Was she dead? She was not moving.I shout Jesus and ran out of the house. How could chief have killed my friend in the same house without my knowledge?
Some weeks after, Michell was reported missing. I assisted the police to locate the house.

On getting there, the address had changed. The new occupants said there was never a chief there and threatened the police for embarrassing them. But I was sure of what I saw. What had happened.
Given the position I met my friend, I am very convinced that Chief used her for rituals. A search of the house did not produce anything.I am still in shock.

That is why I have become a born again Christian in memory of my friend.
I will never do runs again.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Look At What His Son’s Teacher Did To His Test Score (Photo)

Somebody Sent This:

I am very angry right now. My son is very intelligent and he is always the first in his class.
Yesterday their teacher in school gave them a test and my son answered the question very very well but look at how the teacher marked it? Is this right? Why is he insulting my son when he was right?
Who is more dull, the son, teacher or father??

Hilarious Tweet Between A Twitter User And Wizkid (Snapshot)

Check out what this twitter user wrote below and wizkid epic response to him.

Korede Bello Arrives Togo Amidst Fanfare (Photos)

Mavin Singer Korede Bello arrived in Togo yesterday and it would seem his Togolese fans love him as much as we do back home in Nigeria.
The Godwin crooner who is currently in Togo to perform at a show. Waved and smiled at his fans as they trooped in Mass catch a glimpse of the singer.

Tuface Baba Reveals His Five Secrets Of Success

Star singer 2face Idibia who recently became a chief in Kaduna (if you call him Alhaji Tuface idibia, you are not far from the truth) has revealed his 5 success secrets.

Read what the father of 7 told The Entertainer below:

You have to be ready mentally, physically and spiritually to face challenges that will come your way.

You must maintain your focus, focus on your dream and pursue it; live it and sleep it every day.

Number three is respect; you have to respect people because people are the backbone of your success and failure.

You must respect your fans and the people that contributed in one way or the other to your success be­cause there is no artist that can come out and say he or she is an island.

You have to have some level of humility. It is not by force that you must greet everybody you see on the road but you have to know how you put yourself out there. And finally talent, you need to have talent to make it in the industry.”