Prince Odi Okojie Answers Questions on His Political Ambition

Since the news hit the media that Edo State youth have resolved to have one of their own to represent them in the upcoming governorship election in Edo State and have called on me to come and represent them, I have been inundated by calls, messages, volunteers making themselves freely available, and independently sponsored publicity all encouraging me to come out (since my party in their wisdom, have zoned the deputy governorship ticket to my senatorial district- Edo central) and answer this call to serve my land and my people.

Read what Lagos tricycle rider did to virgin

– A secondary school student has been defiled in Lagos
– The teenager knew the suspect, Mr. Lati Ajoje who is her mother’s customer
– The police are on the trail of the suspect

A tricycle rider, Mr. Lati Ajoje, is on the run after he allegedly defiled a 15-year-old virgin in Lagos.

The Punch reports that the 15-year-old secondary school student (name withheld) said Ajoje patronized her mother who runs a canteen in the Iyana Ipaja area of the state.

She said the incident happened on Friday, January 15, when she was going to her mother’s shop and met the tricycle operator who volunteered to take her there.
She said: “I didn’t suspect anything. I even thanked him as I boarded his keke (tricycle).

When we got to the bus stop, he turned and faced another route. I asked him if he wasn’t going to my mum’s shop again. He didn’t answer me. I told him to stop me at the bus stop but he refused.

“He then told me to be patient and said he only wanted to go and collect something at Water Estate. I insisted I wanted to drop off. He didn’t listen to me, he ignored me.

He got to where he was going and he stopped at an uncompleted building and told me to get down. I asked him why, he said he wanted to tell me something.

I told him I didn’t like the place he brought me and I was already feeling uncomfortable. He just carried me forcibly and entered the building.

I was struggling. I even had to bite him but he didn’t bulge. He carried me into a room in the uncompleted building.

“He removed my clothes. I told him I would rather he killed me than do anything to me. But he said he wasn’t going to kill me but he would still have sex with me. That was how he forced himself on me and raped me.

“After raping me, he used one rag to clean me up. After he finished, he gave me N200. But I told him I wasn’t going to take his money.

I was afraid to tell anybody because he had said he would kill me. But eventually, I had to tell my sister who told my mother. I have not seen him again since then. He no longer comes to my mother’s shop.”

Lawrence Bassey, the president of Touch a Heart Foundation that is handling the case said they felt obliged to take it up after the victim’s mother reported to them.

“The victim’s mother said her child was raped and presented a police report. We have taken her to the Mirabel Sexual Assault Referral Centre. After some tests, one of the doctors told the girl’s mother that she was actually raped and she has been given some treatment,” he said.

The case was reported t Gowon estate police division and the officer in charge claimed they are still looking for the suspect. Bassey however said the police were not doing their job well.

“The police have just refused to do their job and make the arrest. He is well known in the area.
“Few days ago, the IPO told us he can’t go around looking for a rapist. He said we should go and look for the suspect ourselves. We have started the investigation on our own since the police said we should handle it ourselves.

“The suspect has yet to be found. We met with the chairman of the Keke operators in the area where Ajoje operates and he promised to get back to us. They took us to his mother, who also said that Ajoje is on the run and nobody has seen him. We have informed the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Person, Office of the Public Defender and the Public Advice Centre about this matter,” he said.

Buhari reveals why he cannot prosecute Alison-Madueke

– President Buhari says he can’t prosecute the former minister of petroleum over lack of evidence
– The president threatens to prosecute all those who dipped their hand into the nation’s wealth
– Buhari is unwilling to give up on his search for evidence

Former oil minister Diezani Alison-Madueke was arrested in London on suspicion of bribery and money laundering

President Muhammadu Buhari, has said that he is unable to prosecute the former minister of petroleum resources, Deizani Alison-Madueke and other petroleum workers over what he called lack of evidence, Break Times reports.

The president stated this in an exclusive interview with Peter Okwoche of the BBC, after attending a conference on the ongoing Syrian crisis.

Okwoche in a series of tweets quoted the president to have said: “To prosecute corruption successfully we need evidence. That’s not easy especially in petroleum sector.”

President Buhari had earlier threatened to prosecute all those who dipped their hand into the nation’s wealth for private use and among those brandished and suspected to be prosecuted is Alison-Madueke.

The president unwilling to give up on his search for evidence has unwittingly admitted that there was no form of evidence privy to his government against the former minister and as such vindicated her from diverse alleged corrupt malpractices leveled against her by Nigerians.

Teenage rape victim raped again during treatment in hospital

– A 15-year-old rape survivor was attacked again at a hospital where she was undergoing treatment

– She was allegedly sexually abused by a security guard five days after the first attack

– Police have launched an investigation, two people were arrested

For mocking God, Read how Uti Nwachukwu blasts American actor

-American actor mocks God
-How Nigerian TV host blasted him
-About SAG Awards 2016 At the just concluded Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards 2016, that took place on Sunday, January 31, American actor Kevin Spacey mocks God while trying to make a joke.

Music star talks new music and plans to go into acting

– Singer Nikki Laoye reveals plans to play movie roles
– Talks about new song with music star Seyi Shay
– She also promises her fans a packed 2016
Singer Nikki Laoye has revealed plans to surprise her fans in 2016 as she has a lot of plans in the works.
In an exclusive chat with Vanguard, the dancer and media personality also said that she has a song with R&B star Seyi Shay which is set to drop later in 2016.

She said: “We’ve been planning to do this together for a long time but we’ve both been extremely busy. Even when we were both in London, we tried to hookup but it was just impossible.
“We finally found time to get in the studio, and in less than two hours we were able to put something together and it was done.”

According to other sources, Nikki also plans to try out some acting this year.
It is certainly not going to be a surprise seeing the musician appear in movies as she has graced several stage plays in times past.

Oyenike ‘Nikki’ Laoye-Oturu is a 35-year-old Nigerian singer, dancer and songwriter who does alternative R&B and pop with a blend of gospel music. Her debute album Angel 4 Life dropped in 2008 and since then she has enjoyed raved reviews and critical acclaim.

Women strip naked to stop rape and victim shaming (photos)

— “Still not asking for it” project calls out rape culture and victim blaming
— Black and white photos shows naked  women with powerful anti-abuse messages on their bodies
— “Marriage is not consent”, “fashion is not an invitation”, “alcohol is not an excuse”
Regardless of what someone is wearing, how drunk they are, who they are, no one is ever asking to be raped, sexually assaulted, or abused.
Women of all ages, shapes and sizes participated in the project
This is exactly what a professional photographer Rory Banwell is trying to say with her powerful

8 ways to spot a JJC in Lagos (Photos)

 If you are smart, Lagos is the place for you. If not, you need to learn fast and blend with the city. This is because it is very easy to sport a Johnny Just Come (JJC) fellow in the city. There are some things the person would say and some mannerism you will notice that will indicate that the person has not been in Lagos for a a long time. The city is peculiar and unique the way every region is so you need to understand some things and blend fast before your naivety is taken for granted.
Here are ways to spot a JJC in Lagos.

Third Mainland Bridge leads to another country

If you live in Lagos, you’ll definitely know that the Third Mainland Bridge connects the mainland to

Finally: Nigerian Army Makes Breakthrough In Chibok Girls Abduction

The identity of one of the masterminds of the abduction of Chibok girls on April 14, 2014, will soon be made public subject to verification by the Nigerian Army.
The Chibok girls were kidnapped from their government secondary school in the town of Chibok in Borno state by Boko Haram terrorists on April 14, 2014.

Shocking! See what was discovered around new Enugu church building (Photos)

Unconfirmed reports claim that yesterday, Monday, January 25, dead bodies buried in shallow graves around a new church in Enugu.
Church building with humans built with the foundation in enugu
The report credited to Dailypost, gathered that there was chaos and tears yesterday evening at